Struggling to attract high-paying clients?

BEING VISIBLE is one of the biggest challenges for coaches, trainers and consultants because everyone is shouting about how good they are but no one is listening. If you want to attract high-paying clients, it's time to...

Rewrite the script 

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Neil Ben directing sales
trainer Leigh Ashton, for a
series of sales training films.

Why selling yourself doesn't work

If I told you that there was a new soft drink with 33g of sugar, 80mg of caffeine, vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 and an amino acid called Taurine in every can, you’d never buy it. But when Red Bull says it "gives you wings" they make over $1 billion in sales.

The reason why your message fails to captivate your audience is that all you do is talk about yourself, and share facts about your business. You are not being authentic. 


"How can people know what I do if I don't tell them?"

It may sound counterintuitive but the more facts you present, the less captivating you will be and the less you will be remembered. We need to learn from the world of television and advertising.

That is where Neil Ben's Video Academy comes in. First, we help you to get your message straight, and then we train you to craft authentic and captivating video content to make you stand head and shoulders above the rest, helping you attract more high-paying clients. Clients that are more satisfying to work with and who value your skills and expertise way more than those who are only interested in price. As you become more visible, you and your credibility grow and you get to decide who you want to work with, rather than fighting in a saturated marketplace.

Neil Ben's Video Academy


There are just three steps to take to start drawing in more clients. Start by growing your confidence in front of camera, you then grow your confidence with the technology, and finally, you get clear on your message. You will be guided through all three stages in the Academy.


Get confident on camera so you can present naturally and authentically


Get confident with camera kit to get the highest quality from your filming


Discover how to craft your message to engage rather than bore your clients

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Other ways of working with Neil... 

Online programmes

Courses that will help you improve your film-making techniques. Learn to shoot high-quality videos with your iPhone or keep things simple by filming with Zoom.

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Coaching with Neil

Understanding your business and helping you "translate" your expertise into captivating videos is one of Neil's superpowers. So let him help.

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Business Superstar

Get visible by stepping into the spotlight and sharing yourself and your authentic message, so you draw in more of the people you love to work with.

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Neil Ben


Neil is a BBC-trained, BAFTA-nominated Producer / Director with over 30-years experience in Television and Video Production. He has won awards from the Royal Television Society, Japan Education Television (twice) and an FSB Award for the innovative way he helps businesses use video. 

Neil says his is a video production company that avoids shooting video wherever possible. He does this by training his clients to shoot their own content, while supporting them with scripting and editing skills.

Neil's superpower is to be able to "translate" your knowledge and expertise, along with the information you want to present to your audience, into captivating, engaging and informative videos.

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