Neil has a philosophy

He believes that a creative spirit lives inside each and every one of us.

However, all too often nerves self-doubt, and a lifetime’s worth of saying “I can’t” blocks this playful energy. Too many people get stuck endlessly worrying about what other people might think of their creative work, so are afraid to put themselves out there.

Over his 30-year career sitting in the director’s chair, Neil developed the ability to help people get out of the way of themselves. You see, when you catch someone in their natural moment – just being free to talk without worry or hindrance - they’ll tell you’re their story, make you smile, and touch your emotions.

When you working with Neil

He will help you drop all the baggage, break down the barriers and wake you up into a world where all the old restrictions are gone. Because when you’re in that natural state – your very best self – that’s when the magic of connected communication happens.

Everyone is magnetic when they’re in their flow, and people are drawn to the energy, the passion, and the stories.
It’s your enthusiasm and unique view of the world that makes others sit up and take notice.

You then discover that creativity isn’t copying what other people do, it’s about sharing your message your way,
 you then begin to view your entire world through a different lens…

That is when you turn the camera on and capture the magic

Neil's Story

Neil is a BBC-trained, BAFTA-nominated Writer / Director with over 30-years working in Television and Video Production. He has won awards from the Royal Television Society, Japan Education Television (twice), and received an FSB for the innovative way he helps businesses use video. He now uses his expertise to coach and train business owners in mastering the craft of making captivating videos


It all started with Crackerjack

After watching Crackerjack being filmed at BBC TV Centre when he was 11, Neil knew he wanted to work in television. But getting in wasn't easy, especially with a Computer Science Degree and no experience in the media industry.

But Neil was a stubborn young man and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. After writing one of Blue Peter's Christmas Panto he was offered a role in BBC Schools TV making maths programmes. He started in 1989 and stayed 7 years before going freelance as a director. Here is a showreel of some of his television and video production work. It may surprise you that educational and informational content can be so much fun.


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